May 1: May Day, May Day – take shelter

Weather warning!!!  We are still at the RV Park here in Dumas, Tx.  Wind 40 mph with gusts to 60 mph.  Shake ,rattle, and roll!  Tonight’s forecast – mid 20″s with blowing snow……… We have spent the day watching TV, playing on the computer, cooking lunch, snoozing, and even tried a walk this afternoon in gale force winds.  Walk was pretty short with all the blowing dust!  We will attempt to get back on the road in the morning if the roads are not icy.  The tailgater satellite receiver has really performed well in this blowing wind:  so far no interruption in TV service.009

  1. Pat said:

    Mid 20’s tonight?? I think you guys need to head back south!

  2. Marilyn McCown said:

    Wow, sounds like Texas weather!!! Do you have a new cell number? We’ve been calling and it goes straight to voice mail.



  3. Judy and Rick said:

    Hey, wasn’t the hard part was suppose to be in Alaska? You’re already in high gear! ;o) Safe travels!

  4. john a.taylor said:

    miss the chat on the road each a.m. Hope you kids are having fun.

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