May 7: Mount Rushmore – on a clear day – hey hey!

011Once again got early start to the day. Mt Rushmore very impressive and not many tourists this time of the yr.  We spent the night at Horsethief Lake – not nearly as cold last night.  Several fisherman – each one caught rainbow trout limit (5) in a very short amount of time.  The jet pack (wireless router) and the Wilson Sleek (signal booster) have proved invaluable on the trip – never would of gotten the blogs out if it were not for these little babies………. It is nice and cool today so we are going back to the Lake to have Mexican food for lunch, take a snooze, and then come back to Rushmore to hike the Presidential trail (the pic with all the flags) this afternoon.012002010013

  1. Pat said:

    Love the picture of the camper and Mt. Rushmore in the background! Great pix of Terrie, too, on the Presidential Trail. BTW how long was the hike? Horsethief Lake is very beautiful! Hope you didn’t steal anybody’s horses!!

  2. Rob McCorkle said:

    I see the Montanans don’t have much to do during the long, cold winters so they fire up the ol’ chainsaw. Somehow, I’m surprised you haven’t picked up that skill, Jerry. Looks like all is going well. Hope the crossing into Canuck territory was without incident. God’s speed.

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