May 11: Lewistown, MT

002Home of the 3rd largest spring in the world. We will spend the night here and leave early am for what should be our final travel day here in the United States. Today’s lunch followed by smores ( a little variation – roasted marshmellows on oatmeal cookies).  Rain forecast for this late this afternoon and night.  We lucked out and the wind was calm this morning so we were able to travel today although we elected to make a short day of it and rest since the traffic is always heavier on the weekends.  Lots of snow still on the mountains and even patches around here in town.  Low 20’s here  this morning but it has warmed considerably and a warming trend is expected for the next several days (91 degrees – Monday). The Nez Perce Reservation located just west of town was the final relocation for these Indians as they were forced from their lands in S. Colo. and N. New Mexico 008001007003004


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