May 14: Garden envy – tomato plants are looking good

007The wind is still ferocious and we cannot travel on the expressway.  Even the big rigs are sidelined.  The camper feel like we are in a boat.  We’ll spend ANOTHER night here in Lethbridge and should be able to hit the road early in the morning.



This morning we are back at Walmart to pick up fresh veggies because we could not bring anything like that across the border.  (No telling what those nasty Americans would bring in!)  We’ve got a case of Sticker Shock even with the canned veggies.  I’m glad we stocked up on that kind of stuff back in Great Falls as we were advised to do.  We spent quite a bit of time in the garden dept.  Both of us are going through garden withdrawal.  Since we had to buy the old supermarket gassed tomatoes, we really miss our home-grown veggies  I was drooling over the flowers.  If only there were just a FEW more square inches in this camper, I’d buy at least one potted plant. Unfortunately, all available space is already being used.


After lunch, the Scrabble Tournament begins, followed by Story Time.  I am almost finished with
Beach Music (750p.!) by Pat Conroy, but I’ll spare most of you the book review.  Jerry is about half finished with King of Lies by John Hart.  I think he likes it.  After supper, we’ll ease into TV viewing.  Tonight is the season finale of NCIS, which is one of my favorites.



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