May 17: Grand Prairie – Terrie joins the animals

037The Canadian Mounties have taken T into custody for loitering!



The Columbia Ice Field is a glacier that is magnificent to look at, but difficult to photograph because all perspective is lost.  Also, it looks like a picture of a white rabbit in a show drift, if you know what I mean. 


We have seen sound cannons along the highways.  The use these to dislodge avalanches before they get too large.


036 T is standing next to an ice truck that takes tourists on tours of the glacier.



The snow was a delight!  It made everything look so clean and pretty.  The Canadian Rockies appear to be so much more jagged and rugged than the Colorado Rockies.  The rock faces tower over the tree line for what looks like several thousand feet.  It is truly awe inspiring.


We saw several caribou, but they were moving too fast or were inside the tree line so I never go to take a picture.  Maybe sometime in the future  we  will stumble across a slow one.


We went through coal-mining country this morning, and there were several large strip mines adjacent to the highway.  We tried to take pictures, but there was no pull off that would let us get a good picture.


The scenery today was beautiful, but in truth, could not match the absolute grandeur of yesterday.  Today the highway was a strip of pavement in the middle of the densest forest I have ever seen.  It was like Colorado except there were no rocky bald patches or dead trees.  It was just different shades of green as far as the eye could see.  There were different kinds of evergreens and the aspen were just starting to leaf out.  The mountains were not as majestic as what we saw yesterday, and every square inch was covered with vegetation.  In some places the forest was so thick I don’t know how an elk or caribou could make it through with those wide antlers.  I enjoyed today, but I would go back to the Banff-Jasper area in a heartbeat.  It would take 100 professional photographers 100 years to  capture the grandeur (that word again)  I saw from the road. Words just have no power to express it.



  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Did you ride out on the glacier? Your descriptions are right on! Next time you spot caribou, try to listen to the sounds
    the herd makes as it travels. Happy trails! Charles and Mary Lea

    • Hi! What sound does the herd make? You have made me curious. Tell Charles that we left so early because it was already hot in Texas and we wanted to see snow. We got our wish! Also, Jerry says he wanted a fresh fish dinner. We left early, but have been in no particular hurry, stopping sometimes before noon if we are tired and definitely stopping to see as much of the local points of interest.

      I finished Beach Music by Pat Conroy (who also wrote The Prince of Tides, which I really liked) and was disappointed. He used every Southern cliché in the book and maybe invented some new ones. It was 750 pages long, and I don’t know why I didn’t toss it aside, but I plowed on through it. He clearly loves the South Carolina low country, but I got more than enough description of the flora and fauna. Anyway, now I am reading Black Boy by Richard Wright, who also wrote Native Son. I have read the latter, but may reread it in light of what I am now learning about the author. Black Boy is intense, but fascinating.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the pictures. Can you imagine what I could do with a “real” camera and some training? My subject matter makes up for that, I guess.

      I hope you are feeling good and that your health issues will soon be a thing of the past. Are you preparing a great fiesta for the grandbaby’s first birthday? Back in Texas, you would have to have a pinata, even if the other kids have to whack it open this year. I guess you have been knitting like crazy to keep up with her rapid growth.

      No more news, so I’ll talk to you soon. BTW, I accidentally published today’s post before I put in the commentary, so go back and read our brilliant comments.

      Love, Terrie

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