May 18: Dawson Creek – Milepost 0 on the Alcan (Alaska/Canada) Highway!

001008010011012005We are still enjoying Canada.  Today we crossed into British Columbia and are now at Dawson Creek.  This begins the Alcan Highway with Milepost 0.

It was a beautiful, warm day.  The forests gave way to more farmland and pastures that added serenity to the landscape.  I have seen many, many horses, but no wildlife except for ducks and geese in the ponds along the road side.  I guess the beaver below will have to count for today’s wildlife picture.  The road signs keep telling me to be on the lookout for moose, and I would dearly love to see one, but so far no luck.  J says I’ll get to see some before the trip is over.

There are lots of people in town today because this begins a 3-day weekend celebrating the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

We are fueled up to once again take flight in the morning.  We will head north to Ft. Nelson from here to spend the night.

We are still overwhelmed by the price of gas and food. Gas is about $1.24 per LITER!  At least that sounds better that $5.00 + per gallon.



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