May 19: Gold in them thar hills! At the supermarkets, that is.

014We spent all our gold at the local Fort Nelson IGA on these cherries, tomatoes, and lettuce.  Scared Jerry so bad that he started growing his bean sprouts today.  May stop and set up roadside stand selling fresh sprouts to offset cost of trip!


BTW, had trouble getting the pictures to load in the correct order today.


This moose was absorbed in his breakfast and never knew we were there.




The Caribou was one among many, but he was closest to the road and we finally got a good picture of these elusive critters.

This eagle nesting tower was close to a pond near the highway.  The eagle flew off just as we drove up and didn’t particularly want to be photographed.  Sasquatch ran across the road, stopped and looked at us, stuck out his tongue, and crawled into a culvert beneath the road.  We waited for him to reappear, but after several hours we abandoned hope and continued on our journey……   Another delight for today was to catch this close up of another black bear very close to the road.

Not much traffic on the road today, so we had good wildlife viewing.




  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Enjoyed your great wildlife photos! Charlie and Mary Lea

  2. Diane said:

    Wow a Sasquatch sighting!! Always wanted to see one 🙂

    We ve been following ur adventures…… It’s been fun! Nice wild life pics too!! Can’t wait to head that way. 🙂

    Diane & Dave Agility dogs: Xray: AX,AXJ,NAC,NJC Rita: OA, OAJ- retired Katie: OA,OAJ- at the bridge Sent from my iPhone

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