May 20: Back to the Rockies and more snow!

008We spent the night at Fort Nelson, B.C.  The provincial parks have increased their prices from $12 to $16-$20 for overnight camping from last year.  We are paying about $6 per gallon for gas, but glad to get it.  Gas stations are few and far between.

010Even though the museum was still closed for the season, the curator let us look around on the outside grounds.

We have seen    020lots of black bears since leaving town.

What a contrast in the weather.  It has snowed heavily on us since we left Fort Nelson and started climbing into the Rockies again.  Jerry found the boat launch sign at the frozen Summit Lake rather ironic. 

As we were laughing about the sign, we noticed some bighorn sheep watching us.  They seemed very comfortable with the weather.  Their fur is such a good insulator that they don’t loose enough body heat to melt the snow on their backs. 

Dropped back into the Toad River valley to Muncho Lake.  What a beautiful color!  Would you call that color “turquoise”?  It is due to the glacial silt that is suspended in the water.  Herds of bison now roam the roadsides and the drive was slow.  Our plans are to spend the night at Whirlpool Canyon Park–no wifi.024031036048055005

  1. Diane said:

    Great pics thanks!!

    Diane & Dave Agility dogs: Xray: AX,AXJ,NAC,NJC Rita: OA, OAJ- retired Katie: OA,OAJ- at the bridge Sent from my iPhone

  2. Jacqueline leo said:

    Such beautiful pictures! Love the mountains!

  3. We are really getting a kick out of following your adventures. Thanks for including things like the price of gas etc…it rounds it out nicely. You are getting pictures of bears without going to the dump! Who’d a thunk it! ;o) Great blog!

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