May 21: Another time zone – Whitehorse, Yukon

008036Our nightly Scrabble game was very interesting last night.  We both used all 7 letters on our first turns.  Then J used all 7 again later in the game to score a whopping 384!

We saw our first grizzlies this morning.  It was a mother bear and 2 cubs (so c ute!)  You cannot tell a grizzly bear by its color.  Some black bears are brown.  But all grizzlies have a hump between their shoulder blades at the base of their neck, which you can see better in the top photo.

The  fox had found a tasty treat and was eager to get away with it.

We saw a sign warning us of moose in the area, but the best we could come up with was this life-sized statue.032030

Talk about charming!  Jerry had these two gray jays eating out of his hand.  When we got out at this rest area, they just walked right up as if to say, “Where’s the food?”

My apologies for the mixed-up order of these photos.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow when, hopefully, we’ll be in Tok, Alaska!

  1. Pat said:

    Alaska tomorrow??? Really?? I thought you were going to stay in Canada for several weeks.

  2. mary lea wallace said:

    Wow! Even more fabulous photos. Don’t think we’ve ever been that close to loose grizzlies.
    Be careful out there. Charlie and Mary Lea

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