May 23: Alaska at Last–Adventures 2013

030014037038Eureka!  We found it!  It is so good to be back in the USA!  Now I have my own Wi-Fi back.  I was getting pretty tired of McDonald’s smoothies.  Also, my phone works now, so I don’t feel so isolated.

018After 150 miles of BAD road, we got to Alaska.  The freezing temperatures cause upheavals in the pavement, making the ride feel like the world’s longest roller coaster.  Or an airplane in bad turbulence.  Anyway, we are now in Tok, Alaska, the northern most part of Alaska that we will visit.  Tomorrow we head toward Anchorage, but will probably not make it in one day.

016We have seen lots of road art along the way.  The moose antler tree was in someone’s front yard. The two totem-like carvings were fascinating.  The carver used the burls (sp.?) in the wood to make his art.  We were told at a visitor’s center that the burls are found on sugar maple trees and that they are places where the tree stores extra nutrients.  They are not galls, which we are used to seeing in Texas.  If this is not correct, I hope someone will set the record straight.

015As far as wildlife goes, I  only took this picture of an eagle.   They are not particularly happy about being photographed, so I have to remain at quite a distance to get them at all.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and find an eagle that wants to pose for me.

The wolves are actually “stuffed” or the work of an excellent taxidermist.  I was surprised most of all by their size.  I would estimate that they were 3′ tall at the shoulder and must have weighed 150 pounds at least.  I mean, these were HUGE animals.  I had always thought of them as just large German Shepherds, but shepherds would looks like beagles next to these guys.

We are in yet another time zone, Alaska Time.  We are 3 hours earlier than the folks at home in Central Time.  Since it apparently stays light for almost 24 hours, I guess time is becoming less meaningful.

One thing that I forgot to add about the Yukon is that it is home to 9 First Nations (indigenous peoples) each with its own government.

Until tomorrow……


  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Congratulations! How are your tires holding up? I remember those drunken roads and trees. Unforgettable sights.
    Thanks for the neat views, Charlie and Mary Lea

  2. Nancy Ebright said:

    Hi Jerry & Terrie, Glad you finally made it to God’s country. Have loved the travelog, and definitely want you to keep it up now that you are in “my country,” beautiful Alaska. Have a good time! Nancy E.

  3. Jack and Margaret said:

    I know jerry is freaking out at the prices ha ha. Looks like a wonderful time keep the post coming we enjoy very much

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