May 24: Glenn Highway – Southbound

011We left Tok on Friday morning, taking Highway 1 south (southwest, actually) in the direction of Anchorage.  We will take our time and probably get there by Tuesday.  Along the way, we saw 3 of Alaska’s most beautiful mountains:  Mt. Drum, Mt. Sanford, and Mt. Wrangell.  I believe this is Mt. Sanford at over 16,000 ft.

Before we left, we made this bug screen for the front of the truck.  It has really helped here.  Every morning Jerry cleans a ton of dead bugs off it, but at least it is easy to clean.

We stopped at a small town to buy a couple of grocery items.  I was almost in shock when I saw that bananas were $1.87 a pound.  However, Jerry reminded me that there are not that many banana trees in Alaska.  (Really?)  We did find this neat thrift store and Jerry found a couple of good books.  They are “oldies, but goodies” and since he has not read them, it doesn’t really matter if they are old.  Marilyln:  Tell Lonnie that I found 2 walking sticks in this thrift store that were made from Diamond Willow. After talking with the owner, she said that she had these trees growing in her yard.  She no longer wanted to continue the conversation after she found out I had a sharp saw in the camper. Ha! Ha!

As we came down, we checked out Wrangell-St.Elias National Park.  We saw some pretty sites, but in general, the place was extremely muddy from the recent snow melt, so we decided not to stay there.  We did have to pause several times for “cross traffic” caribou, so that made the side trip worthwhile for me.

Some folks up here have a great sense of humor which they display in yard art or in decorating their outbuildings. Here’s looking at you, Dollface!  One of the main industries is lumber.  I guess that should be fairly obvious to me since there are trees as far as the eye can see.  I am glad to see that they are replanting when they finish clearing an area.002012014009006001

  1. Ron wilson said:

    We were in Copper river and the Wrangler national park yesterday as well. We are in Anchorage now.

  2. mary lea wallace said:

    More glorious photos! Charlie liked that author, too. We remember the plagues of bugs. ;-\ Charlie and Mary Lea

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