May 25: Chickaloon, Chickaloon

001We left Glenallen, heading more west than south.  We had a great view of the Chugash Mountains on our left.  (See bottom photo).  One of them, Mt. Marcus Baker, is over 13,000 ft. tall.  I have no clue as to who Marcus Baker was.  Anybody out there know?

These contraptions made of pipe confused us so we asked the locals.  We were told (and I don’t know if they were pulling the Texas tourist’s leg) that this stretch of road gets completely covered with snow and that these are  used to guide the snow plows when the snow is deep.  It makes sense I guess.  The pipes have reflective tape on one side only I assume because it is often dark when they plows are working and the tape lets them know they are on the correct side of the road.

We stopped to take a picture of the Matanuska Glacier, and we also took a picture of other tourists (Ron and Nancy? Did we miss the Oklahomans in the crowd?) taking a picture of the glacier.  There were tour buses from all over stopped there.

The glacier itself is really impressive, although I don’t think our photograph captured its immensity.

This warning about moose proved accurate this time.  We were definitely in their territory.  We managed to photograph this one as he crossed the road.


At midday, we decided to stop and rest at this site along the Matanuska River.  It was flowing fast and loud.  I guess the snowmelt has finally begun.  I notice that some trees are also starting to leaf out.  That’s great for me.  I want everything to be green.


We spent the night in Chickaloon, which consists of two businesses, one of which is permanently closed. Oh, well.005007011003015002

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  1. Jacqueline leo said:

    Marcus Baker was a cartographer and geologist. 🙂

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