May 26: Palin’s home town: Wasilla, Alaska

001034002003004008005Well, here we are in Wasilla, AK, and what do we find?  This beastly beauty.  Actually, we have seen it several times on our trip, and it seemed as if it  might be following us.  We saw one like it on a TV show called “Extreme RVs”  It will go anywhere and through anything.  It’s not easy to tell from the picture, but the tires are about 4′ high!  It is a rehabbed military flight line fire truck. We have aptly named it “RVenstein”.

We continue to see examples of art and humor along the road.  The eagle was very detailed and the only one I have been able to get to pose for a close up.  According to its owner, Paul Bunyan lost his ax due to high winds,  but he was still a remarkable sight at about 40′ tall!  We have yet to see Babe, the blue ox. 

Our  solar panels continue to outperform our expectations!  This is probably due to the extended daylight – not sure that we have stayed up late enough at night to see total darkness (if It does really exist).  The generator stands at the ready but only the gasoline that we had to rob from it has been used.  So far this trip only 4 windy days has robbed us of any travel time and not much rain/snow to slow the solar panels charging.  They will supposedly still do minimal charging under 3 inches of snow.  This little known fact remains to be tested.

We started through Canada with lots of “loonies” but ended up crossing the border with just a five dollar bill and a few pennies left in our pockets.  This is what 200 gallons of gasoline did to the loonies and toonies we got for the trip.  We got fuel for $3.97 today and thought they were giving it away.

The bottom pic shows a mountain with various animals and a miner craved into it.  It was on the main street of a small town that we passed through in our travels.

We will overnight here and then investigate Wasilla Lake at the edge of town.  According to one of the locals it has some nice rainbow trout although the water is still so cold they are slow to bite.  We plan to head back to Palmer Tuesday to get our past months worth of mail (only because the PO is not open because of the long holiday) and re-provision our supplies before heading further south where we plan to spend most of our time he in ALASKA……………..


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  1. Pat said:

    Be sure to tell Sarah hello. :0)

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