May 28: HOLIDAY in Wasilla – Was that Sarah????????

010012014018021011This was the 1st stop of the day – Mt. View Sporting Goods – I found a fake Texas Taylor Clam Gun – John will not be happy to find out he has competition here in Alaska – immediately beside the gun I found a clam digging shovel.  Terrie likes the gun from Taylor Construction best, the shovel may be too much work.  The bear and Moose statues outside the store are really life like!!  I decided to add some additional fishing supplies to my arsenal – so many lures so little time. Red yarn, red hooks, floaties, and salmon eggs rounded out the must buy list.

 My bean sprouts are bursting out of the grow container- so today we will stir fry in the skillet with a little soy sauce, add a few peanuts, and place on a bed of Chow Mein Crispy Noodles.  The sprouts along with dead chicken on the Barbie followed by

hot fried cinnamon rolls in butter covered with our home grown pecans and spiced apples and drenched with a veeery sweet caramel topping rounded out the luncheon menu.  Not too shabby for us campers that on HOLIDAY and 016 roughing it here at Newcomb Park  on Wasilla Lake.  Thanks Jacque  for the Marcus Baker info.019

  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Beautiful Wasilla Lake! Looking forward to some good fish tales. ;-} Charlie and Mary Le

  2. John A. Taylor said:

    Can’t wait to see the clam digger in action! You will be happy to know that I got your house rented. Some of my
    old drunk buddies are renting it on the 28 of May. I also got a deposit of $ 15.00 to cover any damage, I just know
    you will be glad of the extra money. Great Pictures Enjoy

  3. Tom and Gloria said:

    We are enjoying following your travels……the wildlife have been wonderful!!!….and the snowy mountains. We were in Wasilla, stayed in a hotel on the lake in May 1998….was extremely beatiful!!!

    Gloria and Tom

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