May 28: Anchorage Bound and then south to Portage Glacier for tonight

002Has anyone seen Newman? 1st stop of the day was at Palmer (about 10 miles from Wasilla) to get a months worth of mail (bills).  Don’t realize how much you get until you let it accumulate for a while.  Filled out forms to forward our mail starting today to Soldotna, AK.  WE plan to be there for the duration of our trip here on the Kenai Peninsula.

We stopped in Anchorage to fuel up since once again the fuel price jumps  from here.  Just outside of town there is a very well.- known birding spot called Potter Marsh.  We were not able to do any really long distance camera shots but this Tree Swallow was very happy to pose on the railing of the walk way.  We were not too impressed in that we spend lots of time at Corpus Christi, Tx with so many sea birds.

Terrie’s mountain pic is just south of Anchorage passed Potter Marsh and is called Turnagain Arm Bay on Cook Inlet.  This large bay is perhaps 30 miles long and about half the way down is Beluga Point.  We along with lots of other folks watched for about and hour and did  not spot any of the critters.

At the upper end of the bay we spotted lots of people along side the roadway with lots of long fishing nets.  We watched as they waded into the water and kept dipping until they caught something.  These fish were not whale size but rather more like smelt or grunion.  They in turn would put them in a 5 gal bucket and repeat the process.  I was not sure what they were catching so I went down and asked.  They were catching hooligans or more commonly called “Candle Fish”. These fish are very oily like mullet and once they are dried they can be set on fire and will act as candles for the local people.  One lady said they also fry them until crunchy and they make a very good meal.

The wooden carving of a Town Crier was at an information center and was used to hand out brochures – Terrie did not seem to want to stand beside this guy and have her pic taken.

We are camped here at  Portage Glacier Campground about 40 miles south of Anchorage.  We nearly ran over this Artic Tern and her egg.  They have minimalistic nests to say the least (HA! Ha!).  I constructed a tripod and placed it close to the nest in hopes no one will run over her.

Last comment for today is that I have received word from Taylor Realty and Construction that I may have additional funding coming  this trip in that gypsies may  lease our house while we are out of town.


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  1. Marilyn said:

    Pictures of the marsh and mountains are beautiful. I am really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work.

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