May 29: Whittier Harbor – Ferry Reservations

008009003014023030035My little buddy the Artic Tern mom and I left maybe not on  the best of terms but hopefully her nest will survive until she gets this chick hatched.  She was dive bombing me every time I came close to check on her.

The Alyeska Train (not misspelled) came by the campground so like we did in Marfa TX — pennies on the track but this time they were Canadian but I put an American penny in the pic for comparison.  I can really squeeze a penny for all its worth!!

Tonight we are camped closer to Whittier in the Black Bear Campground.

The PORTAGE glacier gouged out this lake and has receded up the mountain.

You will see the entrance to the tunnel that burrows through 2 1/2 miles of this mountain. It is large enough for only one lane of traffic.  If you look closely you will see that a train track also goes through the same tunnel. They have a set  time schedule for cars to pass and then the choo choo. Its rather errrieee because when you get to the end of the tunnel you hope to see daylight and not the light of the locomotive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After passing through the tunnel you are at the Port of Whittier.  !80 full time inhibitants.  This is a fishing village that has a Cruise Ship that stops here every three days.  It made me kinda homesick for Ingleside with all the boats.  I spoke with several fisherman and got good reports from all. 

What an anchor and I’m not talking about Terrie this time  –  this is a little larger than I use back home but they say things are bigger here in ALASKA.

Stopped at the registration desk at Whittier and checked with Roger to make sure that our reservations were in order.  They were, and we will set sail on the HMS Kennicott on Aug. 12 at 11:30 pm.  We’ll have 5 ports of call on the inside passage.  We received our instructions on the procedure we will follow to pick up our tickets and get in line for loading the camper onto the ship. Our room is reserved, and we will have access to the heated solarium and the viewing deck.

  1. Pat said:

    Really beautiful country! But that tunnel through the mountain doesn’t sound too inviting.

  2. Marilyn said:

    “What an anchor and I’m not talking about Terrie this time” She’s going to get you for that!
    Your pictures are beautiful, what an amazing trip you’re having.

  3. Diane said:

    Great pics!! Soo beautiful!! Thanks!!

    Diane & Dave Agility dogs: Xray: AX,AXJ,NAC,NJC Rita: OA, OAJ- retired Katie: OA,OAJ- at the bridge Sent from my iPhone

  4. John A. Taylor said:

    Great every penny counts. You will need it. Renters backed up septic, had to dig up front yard.
    Sold the sod to pay for the cokes we had at brake time. Having fun I hope. ALL IS WELL!

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