May 30: Black Bear USFS Campground on the Portage Glacier Hwy

052Camped here last two nights in a row, that’s unusual for us but now we are getting very close to what will be our summer haunts.  We will have to return to this area in order to board the Alaska Marine Ferry in mid to late August.  Since it was on our way we wanted to familiarize ourselves with this area.  We enjoyed the campfires and the proximity to Williams Creek.  There is a fish viewing bridge here next to the campground.  The host here in camp (lived at San Antonio) said lots of salmon run up this stream.  Apparently lots of Black Bears in the area, food storage steel boxes are provided and tables have warning signs not to leave food unprotected.

Lots  of Moose near  the highway in this valley. I placed a quarter beside these moose tracks to give you prespective as to their size.  Sign on the near by highway indicates that 214 have been killed by cars since last July.  Well fed Wolves in this area!!!!

We will stay around camp today and rest………..  Having fun all the time is really hard work.  Went to bed last night at 7:30 pm and got up about 6:30 this morning.  Nothing better than the smell of  steaming hot tea, maybe coffee in the morning, drinking it in bed until it gets roasty toasty here in the camper and then the call of BREAKFAST. 

The Red Deer sausage was hidden till just the last few days.  I had two rings and combine that with a little rat cheese and camplife and it evaporates in this thin air of Alaska.  Notice last 2 pics of this blog!!! 002050041044003011001001


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