001This is one happy birthday!! My sister and brother-in-law sent a card and a Walmart gift card before we left in case we needed travel assistance if we ran out of greens.  We ran out of greens a while back – asked my sister to send additional happy birthday assistance but she informed me that they were going to Las Vegas mid june……….  need I say more??

We started early this morning and went to Hope, Alaska.  The rocky shoreline reminded me so much of  California.  This was a sleepy little quaint fishing village of maybe 100 folks.

Then we returned back to Highway 1 and immediately went the other direction.  Tonight we are camped at Exit Glacier.  We had stopped for the night at Primrose Campground.  I got to talking to the Camp Host and he gave me lots of fishing information,  Drew me maps and contact names and showed me this camp site.  From the pic you will see we are headed to Seward Alaska.  This is a staging point for the sea run salmon and they will head up the river inlet at high tide.  They apparently are still in the early stage of the spawn and the major thrust will occur in the next two weeks.  I will check in town to find out more details from the fish and game dept.   I got a good close up of a Bald Eagle today, she had a large nest nearby in one of the tree tops.

The next pic are sea buoy’s turned upside down.  The ring which is now at their top is where they attach steel cables to anchor them to the sea floor.  You will notice a cold water survival suit that the fisherman carry on their boats and they have stuffed it and placed it on the buoy on the right side.  More yard art for the weary traveler to laugh at.

Birthday spruce tree – think I can get it back home for Xmas?

More yard art – this time a gigantic knife advertising this knife shop!

The next to last pic is a Beluga whale skull  (notice the blow hole), a rib bone, and a vertebrae from the back.

The last pic is a dog sled ride – they practice their dogs pulling little wheeled carts in the off season to raise a little cash from the tourists.



  1. What a great place to have a Birthday! I won’t wish you a happy…I can already see it was!

  2. Marilyn said:

    I don’t have a yard big enough for their art!
    Happy Birthday, Jerry. I know y’all are having a GREAT time. The pictures are wonderful.

  3. Pat said:

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday! Ken and I feel like we are on the trip with you. We are really enjoying the great pictures!

  4. mary lea wallace said:

    Believe you’ve found a place more impressive than CO! What a great spot for a birthday. Enjoy! Enjoy!
    Thanks for sharing the fun.

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