June 1: Seward, AK – a slight detour

003Yesterday we took a slight detour off the Alaska Highway (Highway 1) and came down to Seward, a small fishing village.  Several cruise ships stop here.  It is not very big, but has lots and lots of opportunities for fishing.  We spent part of the day driving around watching people fish.  Jerry got out and talked to several (“picked their brains”) and they were all very helpful and forthcoming with fishing advice.  That is what led Jerry to purchase these weighted treble snag hooks.  When the Sockeye Salmon (red salmon) come upriver to spawn  (called sea-run salmon at this point) fishermen are waiting and cast these heavy hooks into the water to snag the fish.  No bait at all is used.  This type of fishing usually entails walking a long distance, up to a mile and a half, over the muddy flats when the tide is high to get to the deeper water where the fish are. This is why he brought waders.  Tides are much more dramatic here than in Texas.  They can change as much as 30′ in some places in Alaska.

007This morning started off sunny (first picture) but very quickly we became socked in by clouds (second picture).  In the latter you cannot even see the mountains.

004As you can see by the photos of the espresso shop and the café sign, people here have quite a sense of humor.  I’ll try to get more photos of their “punny” business names.

005The last picture is of a home on the waterfront.  I am not sure which body of water it is facing.  There are large bodies of water everywhere and since I am directionally challenged, I get turned around all the time.  I do know that we are camped by the Resurrection River.  It is extremely wide and shallow.

006According to the locals, the salmon should be here very soon.  Then we’ll see how much salmon we can really eat.  I am not a huge fan, but I like it smoked.  There are several places in town where this can be done.

Ron and Nancy, were you in Seward as part of your Alaska cruise?  By the way, Happy Birthday, Ron!   I think it is tomorrow.  If I am mistaken, please let me know!

Well, that’s it for today.  Until tomorrow…..001


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