June 2: Seward Stay Extended

001We really like this little town and decided to spend another couple of days here.  I have been very amused by some of the business names such as Once in a Blue Moose (saloon), Knots So Fast (feed store) and Al’s Patty Wagon (burger joint).  Some younger folks may not be familiar with the term “paddy wagon”, but they can look it up.

004We spent most of the morning just driving around.  We found this place where Jerry can fish tomorrow or the next day.  It just consists of an extremely large vacant area where RVs and trucks park.  People put on their gear in order to wade out to the salmon.  Locals have said that there is a trawler with a purse-seine at the mouth of Resurrection Creek so the fishing will not be good. What the trawler doesn’t get, the sea lions do, so we’ll wait until conditions are more favorable.

005We went into the Seward Visitors’ Center this morning and talked with a local woman who was very informative.  She told us that the trees I have been wondering about are alders.  I don’t think I have ever heard much about them.  She told us that the green bark is used to smoke the salmon and gives it a particularly good flavor.  She gave Jerry a lot of the above information on fishing.  The eagle that you see in the picture was killed by power lines.  It’s too bad that you can’t see just how large it is.  It has a wingspan of at least 7′.

008The brown bear is also larger than it seems in the photo.  I put in a close up of its face so you could see the size of the teeth.

018While we were at the Visitors’ Center, the woman recommended this Chinese Restaurant as the best buffet in town.  You know how Jerry loves a Chinese food.  The food was excellent and Jerry got his money’s worth, especially on the shrimp. Well, I did, too, I’m sure.  It must be authentic food because a busload of Chinese tourists arrived shortly after we did.  Good timing on our part!

I have never seen a town with so many murals!  This one was outside the Visitors’ Center.  I’ll photograph some more tomorrow for you.

002The last picture shows 2 items that we brought that have proved to be absolutely unnecessary.  They go under the “What Were We Thinking?” category.  They are headlamps that have elasticized bands that fit over the head.  They can be used for reading or just for getting around in the dark.  That’s the rub.  We don’t HAVE any dark—or not much anyway.  We are quite a bit farther south than we were in the Yukon, so we do have a little bit of nighttime, but it is short.  It gets dark after 11PM and is light a little after 4 AM.  Even then, it’s still more like dusk than night. So…..I guess the headlamps will have to wait until this winter to be of any use.

There were 4 young military men camped next to us in a motorhome they had rented in Anchorage.  Jerry became fishing friends with them.  They had arrived here several days ahead of us, but they had to leave for Anchorage this afternoon.  Before leaving, they donated a large cache of left over supplies that they had purchased for their trip because the motorhome had to be cleaned before they returned it.  We received apples, grapefruit, lemons, limes, bananas, a large cheesecake, an avocado, a tomato, an onion, a 6-pack of assorted beer, a bottle of Cholula hot sauce, pancake mix and syrup, several cans of black beans and chili, matches, flour and corn tortillas,  marshmallows, Worcestershire sauce, mayo, mustard, salad dressing, a jar of minced garlic, olive oil, ketchup, oatmeal, a can of green chilies, salt and pepper shakers, a jar of Mediterranean spices, a jar of Montreal Steak rub, a large bag of Tostitos, a large sack of sugar, and sundry other items.  It took me a LONG time to find places for it all.  Jerry enjoyed their company, so was sorry to see them leave, but appreciated their generous donation.027


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