June 3: So many anchors, so little time…..

017010019010016020The pictures seem to have a mind of their own today – not sure why they loaded in this sequence.  We had a rather busy day.  There are two anchor pics – so many anchors so little time!!  The mural depicts the life of an Alaska fisherman. It was calm in the harbor this morning but the low clouds forcast the rain for this afternoon.  I thought the boats name was a little catchy (Ha!Ha!) get it Playin Hooky.

The pic next to the boat  is a play on the maximum security penitentiary here in town.  They have never lost a prisoner – cold, mountains to climb, and no food -how do I get back in the pen.?

Remember the chicken “Henny Penny” – now doing two to life I understand……..

The memorial to Benny Benson was to commemorate his designing the Alaskan flag. He was a 13 yr old orphan from Seward at the time (1927).

The welcome man depicts a gold panner, although history serves not much was found in this area.  Today the gold pan is used to wash tourist of any loose dubloons.

I checked in town on prices for smoking salmon and reserving a cold storage locker should I be fortunate enough to come up with some fish.  After talking with several people in town it  seems the sockeye salmon run is in the early stages and will continue to increase in numbers over the next 3 weeks.    012009


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