June 4: Another day in the big city of Seward

009We were just driving around and saw this Hertz sign.  It reminded us of the same type of sign we used to see on the sitcom M*A*S*H* back in the 70s.  I wish I could have put Kerrville, Texas, on it.  According to Jerry’s GPS, we are 3,093 miles from home.  That is more or less as the crow flies and does not nearly represent the total miles we have actually traveled.













This was by far the biggest boat lift I’d ever seen!  It took over the whole street and traffic bailed off both sides to let it pass. It was dry docked for overhaul and painting.  They have to move the ships nearly two blocks from the boat ramp to do the refurbishing.  The marine environment is very hard on the exterior and constant maintenance is required.




























There are carved bears everywhere in Alaska.  They are so cute!  I ‘d love to take one home for my garden or patio, but I’d have to throw out all the clothes and food to make room for it. Maybe Jerry too???








006This is the practice pose. Watch out fish; here I come ready or not.  I have talked to lots of local fisherman and they say that it is just a little too early for the main run of red sockeye salmon.  They seem to stage up off the coast for awhile and then something instinctively triggers a move  to come into the streams and rivers on the high tide.


















015This is another of the beautiful murals that one finds all over town.  I would like to find out the  name of the artist.  This particular mural was on the side of the ” Fish House” in down town Seward.  It is a popular tackle shop that would give any fisherman dreams of a life time.

















001 I had this sign made for Jerry about 25 years ago when we our place at Falcon Lake.


It has rained most of the day. After getting back from town at lunch  we passed  most of the afternoon reading and playing Scrabble.  About the fishing:  the only time to snag these fish is at high tide, which occurs twice a day here.  We have a book that gives the times of the tides.  Today for example, high tide occurred at 11:48 AM and will occur again at 11:29 PM.  Jerry may try his luck tonight if the weather is better.





THANKS, RICK, FOR THE HELP!!!!!!!!  It does really work……















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