June 5: Finally Saying “Goodbye” to Seward

001We got up this morning and decided to was time to leave Seward and the hooligans behind. After all, they are just sardines on steroids. There’s a lot more of Alaska to see and we are eager to see it!  The salmon run won’t start  in earnest for several weeks here, and we don’t want to wait.  We are saying goodbye to the hooligans with this pictorial salute.

002As we drove through Seward for the last time, I took this picture of yet another mural.  I still don’t think I got a picture of them all.

003We camped down the Exit Glacier Road while in Seward.  For a long time, the sign confused me.  I kept wondering where the exit was.  Then someone told me that’s the name of the glacier. (duh)

004L005eaving Seward, we drove back 37 miles to Tern Junction, where Highway 1 and Highway 9 intersect. On the way we went through Moose Pass, a cute little community with a sense of humor.  The water mill drove the grinding wheel and the sign was very appropriate.

006007We turned west on Highway 1, the Sterling Highway, and crossed the Kenai River.  The water is the same shade of blue as Jerry‘s eyes ( awwww!) and just gorgeous. The river is world famous for its king salmon for which the record is 97 pounds.  As we all know, I have a thing for bears, even Smokey.  However, this guy with his paw in the air is my favorite so far.  I would love to have him in my front yard!!

We drove past the small community of Cooper Landing and found a great US Forest Service campground on Petersen Lake.  It is suppose to have rainbow trout in it, so Jerry is happy about that!

016Jerry is making fresh limeade to go with our supper even as I blog.  So good!  The aroma reminds me of the Valley.



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