June 6: On vacation today

007010017013014001I deci004ded to play with the generator – like the flashlights I hate to bring it all this way without using it.  It works great, so far not any prolonged rainy spell here but they say July is their wettest month.  Quieter than I thought it would be, that’s good……..

We have the fire set up for this evening. I think we would enjoy it more if it were darker in the evenings.  The smoke really helps to keep the mosquito’s from pestering us.  This lake is a Loon Sanctuary – they have  a wail of a leery call.  From what the ranger says there are several mated pair here on this lake – odd he explained since they are very territorial and do not share lakes well.

We have invited these marsh mellows over for supper and to share our camp fire (if you catch my drift)

A must have up here are good window screens.  The mosquito’s have started to hatch – they are not bad in the cool of the morning but by mid afternoon they are looking for a meal. They hover at the window just waiting for you to come outside.

This insect repellant works great – the deet does the trick.  We put it on our shirt lapels and the brim and sides of our caps.  Sure hate to rub it on us – so far we have not done that.  We did buy the funny head netting but have not as of yet had the need or the courage to use them.

Terrie made enchiladas for lunch  – they were really good!  Do these look familiar?

Tomorrow we plan to have egg and bacon tacos for lunch – with these whoppers of a flour tortilla………….  Slather a little butter on one side, throw them in the skillet to brown and load up with filling and a little hot sauce – ummmmmmmm good.

Our plans are to hit the road tomorrow and see more sights.  We have scouted out  the Russian River – one of the premier salmon rivers here, the other is the Kenai River.  I have talked with several locals and they are gearing up for the salmon run – the 1st run is usually short lived (around June 15) and the more dramatic of the two will be around July 15.  I was reluctant to leave Seward but the largest populations of sea run salmon  are in Soldotna.


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