June 7: Chain-saw carvings near Soldatna

012004We were on the road most of the day and saw some great sights!  Alaska is just magnificent.  I took so many  pictures that I will only be able to show part of them today.  We stopped at several places selling chain-saw art.  What detail these pieces had!  I was really amazed. I am a little skeptical that this much detail could have been created with a chain saw.  Surely hand tools had to have been used. I014 would have bought several pieces if there were any way at all to tie, strap, or bundle them on. (Maybe Jerry needs a hood ornament for the camper?)  I don’t even want to think about what FedEx would charge to ship one!

The seventh picture is a carved bed.  I’m not sure I’d like to wake up in that.  It would take a lot of getting used to.


My favorites are the bear with the lantern, the mama bear holding her cub, and the 2 hugging bears. Jerry likes the one on all fours (one paw raised) showing its teeth.

As I said earlier, we left Petersen Lake this morning and continued down Highway 1 (Sterling Highway) to Soldatna where we stopped at a Fred Meyer for groceries.  If you are not familiar with the Fred Meyer stores, they are similar to Walmart, but several notches above, especially in the clothing department.  We got their rewards card because every time you spend $100 (not hard up here) you get 10 cents a gallon off on your next fill up.  Today in Soldatna gas was $4.15 per gallon at016 most places.


After leaving Soldatna, we kept on Hwy. 1, which hugs the coast of Cook Inlet ( which is an inlet of the Gulf of Alaska).  The views are spectacular and I took lots of photos which I will share tomorrow.  Tomorrow we’ll head on into Homer and look around.  That’s as far as we can go–on land, that is.  Then we’ll head back up to Kenai (the town) and stay there.  Jerry’s halibut charter leaves from the Ninilchek area on the 18th, so we’ll hang around this area until then.  It’s a neat place.














I 007006

  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Amazing chainsaw art! I like your taste, but would have wanted the “saddle bear” for the grandbaby.
    What awesome country!

  2. Pat said:

    I like the moose and also the bear holding the lantern. Either one would be a great birthday present. Just sayin’…………

  3. Marilyn said:

    Great pictures, I like the moose too. I have a small bear we bought in Montana many years ago, he’s still a keeper. Keep sending pictures, you’re doing a great job. Very interesting trip for us in TX, where it’s been HOT. Lonnie, Laith and Clint leave in the morning. I’ll be going to BSR in July.

  4. John A. Taylor said:

    Jerry where is the clams? Your renters are doing fine party every weekend. Great pictures! Bring home the meat.
    Keep having fun.

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