June 8: To Homer and Back to Anchor River

063Picture #1:  We spent last night at a campground on the Anchor River near a small town called Anchor Point.  There are actually 5 campgrounds along the river, each one close to the mouth.  About midnight many people showed up to fish for silver salmon and Jerry went out to talk with them.

This morning we went to Homer, which is the southernmost point on the Alaska mainland.  We literally ran out of road.  (This is where some of the crab boats from “Deadliest Catch” are anchored, but we didn’t see any.  I am a shameless fan of the show.)  The view was expansive with nothing but the Gulf of Alaska and the Kenai Mountains as far as the eye could see.

Pictures 2-7:  As you can see, the people in Homer have the same sense of humor that we have observed all across the state.  My personal favorite is the Alaska Wedding Brokers shop which has a drop box for tuxedos.

Just FYI,  I have started numbering and/or titling my pictures.  Even though I have a specific order in which in put them into the post, they do not usually stay in that order.  Just scroll the cursor over the picture to see the title or number

I would have liked to stop at the Alaska Horn and Antler shop to look at the rocks, but it was still early, and they were not open yet.

As I said, we camped on the Anchor River last night, and after Jerry talked to all those people who were fishing, he got excited about it.  So we returned to our spot and he will go fishing tonight.  For some reason, the fish apparently are more plentiful at midnight.  For lunch he cooked chicken on the grill. Earlier, he bought a lure called a Vibramax Blue #5, which is supposed to do the trick.  I am hoping he does not end up like the guy in picture #11 and that he catches a fish the size of the one in picture #12!!!030


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  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Amen to your hopes, Terrie! The wedding brokers looks efficient enough to suit the short Alaskan summers and the
    long Alaskan winters. ;-}

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