June 9: Return to Soldatna

039This is the welcome sign to the small fishing town of Anchor Point.








Jerry fished last night until 1 AM, or what we refer to as “dusk” around here.  He hooked a big King Salmon and fought it for 20 minutes, but alas, it got away.

001This is the place where the epic battle between man and fish took place,  the Anchor River









035 On one of our many side trips we came across a small white church sitting on a large, grassy lot.  This moose was taking full advantage of the breakfast grass.  After taking her picture, we sat and watched her for several minutes.  She was still chowing down when we left.  There is an old joke about a camel being a horse that was designed by a committee, but I think that might be what happened to the moose.













“Bugs” was just too cute not to take a picture of.










052When you look across Cook Inlet from Kenai, you see four volcanoes that the locals call Four Sleeping Giants.  We were very lucky that I was able to photograph 2 of them fairly clearly.  It’s a rare day that the weather permits such a clear picture of them. They are Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Iliamna, both over 50 miles away across the inlet and both over 10,000 ft. tall.  They are part of the Aleutian Range which extends  southwest along the Alaskan Peninsula and forms the Aleutian Islands.   This range, which makes up part of the “Ring of Fire” contains most of Alaska’s 130 active volcanoes.  Mt. Redoubt, the taller of the two, last erupted in 2009.  It even has a webcam!  Go to www.avo.alaska.edu/ to see it.  The other volcano is Mt. Iliamna.  It has fumaroles (as I understand it, these are like steam vents) at about 2,700 ft. on the east side that produce nearly constant plumes of steam and small amounts of sulfurous gases.




051The top photo is of Mt. Redoubt and the next one is Mt. Iliamna.










We stopped at a little town called Clam Gulch.  It is one of the places we may go to dig for razor clams.056










These are people digging for clams.  We were in the Clam Gulch State Recreation Area at the time we saw them.050











055The “Texas Taylor Clam Gun” rode all the way to Alaska tied to the underside of the truck.  However, at the last minute an Alaskan-sized chug hole damaged the handle as we entered the park.   The gun  suffered some rather serious damage.  However, not to worry, as Jerry has already procured a new handle and is waiting to get the holes drilled  so he can attach it.








And now, for your viewing pleasure, some MORE “chain saw” art.  028




























025This guy reminds me of some of the art work we saw at Bruce Spruce Ranch in Colorado last summer.  He is called the Willow Picker.































027Jerry called this next guy “Peg Leg” which I am sure is not P.C.


















021This shows how the burls grow on the trees. Many of these burls are used by woodcarver’s  to make beautiful bowls.






























I 043would dearly love to have this bench!   I guess we could buy a cargo van for all this stuff I want, but how would we sneak in onto the Marine Ferry?
















I 044think I went to high school with this guy.











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