June 11: Discovering Kenai

007Today we continued to explore the Kenai Peninsula,  mainly the city of Kenai.  It is about 12 miles west of Soldatna on the coast of Cook Inlet.  We stopped at the Visitors Center.

006The Visitors Center in Kenai was very nice.

011What can I say about Jerry‘s powers of persuasion?  He needed a drill to fix the Texas Taylor Clam Gun.  He mentioned his dilemma to these two lovely young ladies, and they immediately offered him the use of the center’s drill.  And when the battery conked out, they even found him a replacement.  Even the manager came out to see what was happening.  The price for the use of the drill:  a little free publicity about Kenai.  What can you say about Jerry?  Women love him.  Fish fear him. Right Taylor?

034More anchors and so little time  –  a state FULL of anchors.

018The state of Alaska has a book of fishing regulations about 4 inches thick.  There are sometimes different laws for different beaches and different spots on the same river.  Alaska residents are allowed to dip net salmon for their freezers…………  Fish count telephone # 907-262-9097 for this area.

031The tides are extremely dramatic in some places in Alaska.  You can see the dock in this picture is about 30 feet out of the water at low tide.

.028We ate lunch in one of the many beautiful parks in Kenai.
Two eagles were soaring nearby and one landed close enough for Jerry to get this great picture.

014Three miles north of Kenai is the Wildwood Correctional Center which used to be Wildwood Air Station.  The airstrip is still there, and while we were on the beach today, we watched this C-130 aircraft  practice touch and go  landings.  It was so HUGE and LOUD!

036This is a very patriotic town in a very patriotic state.  We visited this small park which is dedicated to those who have lost their lives in any branch of the U.S. Armed Services.

032We have enjoyed ourselves so much this summer that we went ahead and  booked our next year’s reservations here at this beach side facility!

008The other day I told you that you should have your window screens in good repair when you visit Alaska.  We had heard the mosquitos were big, but this is ridiculous!!001This is blog central (with a little much-needed nourishment) signing off….


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