June 12: Our day at Soldotna Creek Park

030Nootka Lupine.  These are in the same family as the Texas bluebonnets. We are headed to Soldotna Creek Park in downtown Soldotna .  These beautiful flowers are growing on the bank of the Kenai River here in town.  Spring has sprung.

004Curious magpie.  These are really big pests but beautiful in every other way.  They are a rather large bird and the white is just brilliant.  Notice the dandelions are in full bloom, in fact I heard one person here today say, “Its sure hot today”.  Its 70 degrees for the high today.  Ha! Little does she know, but after 40 below this winter this probably is a heat wave to the locals.

002The first red (sockeye) salmon that I have ever caught in my lifetime.  I got up early this morning and after talking to lots of people and getting advice these last several days I decided to venture out on my own.  I caught a limit of 3 red salmon this morning  – sure was exciting!!!  This was the first one, the smallest of the three, but to me it was a giant.  The largest was 9 lbs., and this one weighted 7lbs 2 oz. – not one for the city record books, but in my case I was still just as excited.

003The first fish weighed just a little over 7 lbs  – not exactly a world class record but I will take it……………..  They really put up a fight, especially when they are in the current or the rapids. Now can I get Terrie to clean it?:

009What beautiful meat! This is just as fresh as it gets.  There are signs along the bank telling fisherman to make sure to throw any fish trimmings far from the shore so not to attract bears. There’s also a warning to surrender any fish if a bear approaches in a threating manner.  No bear here today. Lucky me!

011On the BBQ pit :  inch and a half thick fresh salmon fillets with butter and garlic powder!!  Whats a man to do??   I even had a cold Miller beer  in the icebox to help wash this bad boy down.   What a beautiful day in the park.

002We will stop at the Fred Meyer store to get more ice when we head back to camp today.  Yesterday we stopped at Walmart  in Kenai to go grocery shopping.  It is reported to be the largest of all the Walmarts and I believe it.  These were the best prices that I have seen since leaving home – no price complaints when we get home.  We will return to Kenai before this trip is  done.

We also plan to stop to get the oil and filter changed and a grease job at the Jiffy Lube.  The truck is really filthy from all the road dust since we left home.  I found a car wash that has a bay with high clearance that we will fit under so maybe tomorrow its a bath for this old one horse buggy.

  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Thanks for the fascinating photo-journalism! Always wondered what became of defunct chain-saws!
    Enjoy the fresh fish! Saw some frozen Alaskan halibut today for sale @ $10.00/serving. (SMALL serving)

  2. Marilyn said:

    Salmon on the grill looks good. Lonnie and the boys got to BSR Tuesday around 5:30. The next morning Laith caught an 18″ Rainbow and 2 smaller trout. Then yesterday he caught a 19″ German Brown. Lonnie saw the truck going to the stock the pond so I’m sure that’s where he’s been today. Laith took Clint on a hike, he and 2 brothers built a “fort” in the woods behind the cabins so Laith wanted to show them to Clint. Haven’t heard if it survived the winter.
    Have a good one.

  3. Marilyn said:

    Well this is embarresing, Lonnie was just informed that Laith has been sneaking over to the catch and release pond, that’s where he’s been catching the large fish. He’s been banned from fishing there for the next 2 years. Little brat.

  4. Tom and Gloria said:

    Oh, how very fun!!! The fish is a little different color than the one you cooked for us in Texas!!

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