June 13: Soldotna – OUR TOWN

006This morning we drove around town, checking out local services like the police station and hospital.  I needed to find a hospital fast one year when we were in Taos, New Mexico, and I had no idea where it was.  Since then, I like to know where it’s located so that  JUST IN CASE I need it,  I can find it.  Another on my list of necessities was finding the library.  It is undergoing extensive renovation, so it has moved everything to a vacant store in the mall.  I was able to get a visitor’s library card for a $25, and I am really thrilled about it.   This was easier than getting a library card in my own hometown. Nice that they have a paperback book exchange for us and Wi-Fi.

005These are a few of the interesting things we saw around town today.  Rick’s Second Hand sign was clever. We will have to investigate this in  greater detail.

002We may deposit our retirement checks here at this Fred Meyer store in Soldotna.  They have everything and more, plus gasoline with the discount card.  The closest Walmart is about 12 miles away in the city of Kenai and is supposedly the largest of the Wally Worlds.

023 This eagle just sat and watched us watching him.  Notice the low tide in the background at the mouth of the Kenai River.  The salmon stage up just off the shore and wait for the high tide which helps them push up the river.  After entering the river they swim very close to the shoreline to stay out of the river current as much as possible until they reach the gravel beds to spawn.      002Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! More local whimsy

003Two “bee” or not two “bee”.  That is the question.  Look closely to see his stinger as it is in the shadow.  Only the shadow knows…………

011This bench is typical of those we see around town.

006If that senior living center thing doesn’t work out, maybe we could get this place for next year.  Just kidding…. Next year we plan to go back to Colorado!!  Cool man cool.

007Almost everyone we meet is from someplace else.  Many came here for a year and stayed on for decades.  The library clerk I met today was from Oklahoma, for example.  However, the pharmacy clerk we met today was from Galveston.  She came here last year with her husband and hates it here.  She’s going back to Galveston…..without the husband.

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  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Hooray for libraries! Bringing civilization to your fingertips, no matter where you are. ;-}

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