June 14: Gone fishin’

011Home away from home!  Still mad at the fish so I was up bright and early this am and down at the river.  Hooked two  salmon – released one –  kept the second one for the Barbie –  fresh as it gets.  After cleaning the fish – we headed for the olde butane shoppe to resupply the extra tank – now we can use the big tank and not have to keep replacing a lot of small ones.

009I found these butane tanks at the edge of town.  The owners are really nice folks and the price wasn’t too bad.

010Can you read the temperature today at about 3:00 PM? Another sizzler of a day here in down town Soldotna. 62 degrees!!!!!!  Heat wave?

007Went to the park to put the fish on the Barbie – lots of people – the winter was so bad here everyone wants to get outside and get right with the “Sol”.

It’s a pretty little park.  This city has lots and lots of huge cottonwoods along with the spruce and pine.  Everything is bright green around here.

002Jerry always takes his fish cooking very seriously, especially around lunchtime.

005It’s always worth the effort, though.  This salmon was even better than what we had the other day.  He has a  new secret ingredient and refuses to let the cat out of the bag…………  UMMMM GOOD

013This log cabin was built in 1949 and was the post office in the early 50s.

014Another cute sign for a cute business. “Buzz”  Get it?

015There are lots of these little espresso and coffee huts all around town.

026This was one of the cutest things we saw.

013You can see the ducks better in the second picture. Not sure what possessed this man to glue all these foul weather friends to the top of his van.     So its time here for the Scrabble game of the day – still mad at the fish, but cannot put any more in the freezer – Halibut charter early next week.  I think I may have solved my freezer problem or the lack of one. Details to follow as the plot thickens.


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