June 15: New Friends, New Campground

007While in town last night getting our supplies, we ran into a couple that we became acquainted with while we were fishing at the town park.  They asked where we were staying and said that if we wanted to move, they had space for us next to them.   Their camp has river access, and the second run of reds seem to favor that side of the river.  I have been fishing in town, but we are now across the river and a couple of miles from downtown.

008Our new setup is very level and has river access with a fish cleaning station.  The fish cleaning station sure makes it nice if you are one lucky fisherman and got the ” goods “.

003Catch of the day!  Two still flopping beauties fresh out of the river. Their buddy #3 made a run for it and got off my hook in a last ditch effort.  Oh well, there will be another day and another time, and we will still have that old frying pan ready………….

006This slab weighs 5.2 lbs and is about half of one fillet.  We marinated it in Lipton’s Onion Soup mix and butter.  A little Ranch dressing at the sit down topped it off – Ummmm good and good for you. You probably smelled it when it was cooking on the Barbie!  Hopefully, leftovers for supper.

No fishing tomorrow – back on the road to scout out more of the Kenai Peninsula.

  1. mary lea wallace said:

    OK, I can deal with your gourmet fish fries, but you can stop gloating about the 60-some degree “heat wave” anytime!
    We’re in a sauna down here in OK. Further west, it’s a blast furnace. Revel in your cool, green Eden.

  2. Barbara Hill said:

    It was great to hear from you. We thought maybe you got eaten by a bear or the Canadian gov was holding you for ransome. ; ) You know I had to put a bib on Richard when he saw your pictures, he was drooling all over the keyboard!! Needless to say we are jealous. The lake is still going down, but the fish have been biting the last couple of times we went out. That was a nice change. We’re looking forward to hearing more. Don’t have too much fun catching fish or digging for clams!.

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