June 16: Busy Day in Kenai and then on to Nikiski tomorrow

012We spent the day driving around Kenai, looking at the scenery, and getting supplies at WalMart.  Here’s another anchor around this seafaring community.

016The town is all decked out with flowers everywhere.  I found a tomato plant at Walmart this morning as we drove shopped and  decided to return this evening to buy it so that it wouldn’t have to make the drive down to Cape Cook Recreation Area.  When we returned late this evening, all the tomato plants were sold – people here are really glad to see spring!!

010We found this totem pole (?) very interesting and wish someone could have explained its significance.  I think it translates “Jerry C. will catch more fish than he dreamed POSIBLE” –  end of a great story and Eskimo fable.020This old bus belongs to the American Legion.

031This is another example of the signage in the area.  Very whimsical.  It reminds us of “Flying Wild Alaska”, which we watch on TV all the time.

004Still another espresso hut.

014This coffee hut had these cute animals on top.

017One more:  The Espresso Barn

037And finally we end the day at Walmart getting supplies for the next week or so.  Really glad to put down roots so we can stock the pantry and not shop every couple of days. We were pretty impressed with the prices here versus almost every place else.  Wally rules!

038A poor imitation of the Texas Taylor Clam Gun.  Our rehabilitated gun is ready for action and we are anxiously waiting to battle the road back into Clam Gulch.


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