June 17: Town of Nikiski and Cohoe Beach

029This is the signpost for the town of Nikiski, a small town north of Kenai on the Kenai Spur Highway.  The yellow wildflowers give it a nice touch as we continue to travel to Cook Inlet Recreation Area.        .

024This reminds me of the boats on “Deadliest Catch” going out to get the crab.  This boat has just traveled out the mouth of the Kenai River.

022This carved beluga whale must have taken an entire tree to make! This is a water- front RV park where we considered staying overnight, but we have more sights to see.

027This was one of the prettiest little churches I have seen in the area.  It is a Russian Orthodox church.

002What a sign on KEN’S Alaskan Tackle!  Notice the jaws have enlarged for the mating ritual and defending of the male’s territory.

032Lots of people up here use their mailboxes to express their artistic or humorous side.  A little farther down this road we saw a man on a tractor that looked just like the one on the mailbox—only bigger, of course.006We drove down North Cohoe Road to check out the clamming and fishing.  The place was crawling with campers as far as we could see. We found out that there is too much mud and not enough sand here to sustain a good razor clam population – so we’ll go to Clam Gulch for that fun next week.  I will show you a tide book that we will use to time the clam dig.

007As usual, Jerry made friends with the locals.  I know it’s a cliché, but Jerry has never met a stranger.  The guys at this camp were using gill nets to catch their salmon.  At the time we were there, the tide was out, so they didn’t have much to do and were glad to explain everything to us (Jerry).

013One guy in particular was eager to show Jerry how the whole system works.  They even got in a little practice at  pulling in the net.  Raise your hand if you know  what “un poquito boracho” means.  (Evelyn:  Does boracho have two r’s?)

008Jerry’s new best bud (Tim) insisted on giving us a red salmon that he had caught earlier in the day.  He even insisted on filleting it for us!  AND  he gave us a recipe that uses honey, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic.  Tim has cousins that live in Galveston that he visits quite often.

009Tim showed Jerry how to get all the rib bones out of the fillet.

010He did a great job and just look at this beautiful salmon meat.

017According to locals, if you are a resident of Alaska (1 year at least), you are entitled to a subsistence number of salmon of 25 for the head of household and 10 for each other person in the household.  Since we do not qualify, Jerry has to catch his one at a time using this hook with yarn attached.    #4 hook with any kind of red or orange yarn……….

001Tomorrow is the big day of the HALIBUT CHARTER and we hope that the next time you see this cooler, it will be packed with fish!!  I am pretty optimistic since I now have 4 bags of ice in and made arrangements to put it in the freezer tomorrow night.  Time will tell.

  1. Evmiller45@aol.com said:

    Yes, borscht has two r’s. you guys are having a great time. Eddie said we don’t need to go to Alaska now, because we have seen everything through your descriptions and pictures. It’s as if we were really there.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. mary lea wallace said:

    Thanks for the tour. I could almost smell the ocean. Happy halibutting!

  3. Jacqueline leo said:

    Does it mean a little bit drunk??? Do I win a prize???

    • Congratulations, Jacque! That is exactly what it means. At this time, there’s no prize, but you WILL get blog-wide recognition for your Spanish skills. Maybe we should take up a collection for future prizes. I’ll take that idea to the chairman of the blog and see what he thinks.

      Are you back from Florida?

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