June 20: Evening Festivities (Fish Fry)

004Our new campsite needed a few personal touches. Jerry fixed up the campsite with 3 hummingbird feeders and a sign with our names and hometown. Our two man tent now serves as the overflow area and pantry.  We stocked up on canned goods while at Walmart the other day in Kenai now that we have a place to store things.  It is really handy to store the chairs,  coolers, laundry, and other items from the morning dew.

002This sign lets everyone know who we are and where we’re from.  Already another couple in camp has come over to ask if we know some Clarks in Alpine.

005This is supposed to be the best bakery in town.  It has currently been added to our bucket list with a pretty high priority ranking for a visit.

010In our travels we came across this excellent nursery with some gorgeous plants.  Jerry couldn’t resist getting a tomato plant!  He’s been going through “garden withdrawal” for 2 months now.

013He got a variety called Siberia that should produce ripe fruit in about 2 months. Hopefully it will produce before we leave if we give it a little tender care and lots of water.

009We also went by Tim Berg’s Alaskan Fish Plant, which offers a variety of services including freezing, storing, smoking, and preserving your fresh caught fish.  You can also buy fish and King crab from him. We inquired before we left home on the internet, and they have been sending us info ever since that time.  We discussed the cost of smoking our salmon and/or making it into jerky. They had a sampler tray of the different spices and rubs that are available – not sure how many we tried but I think we are hooked if you catch my drift.  Garlic and black pepper jerky seems to be our favorite and it does not have to be refrigerated……..not that it would last around here for very long with our appetites!!

022Yesterday evening we had made plans to have  supper with some nice folks we met in town.  Scott and Lisa live just outside Sterling, AK (about 8 miles from here) on ten beautiful acres for six months of the year.  They spend the other six months in Arizona.  He works on the North Slope as a mechanic for an Conoco Oil Co. and she is an equine dentist.  She’s an unusual lady who enjoys team roping  (I mean actually participating in it) and other western activities. They oftentimes participate in the Mountain Man Weekends and parades, in period dress. Last night she fixed fish tacos with some of the halibut Jerry caught.  She first rolled the fish pieces in seasoned flour, then in egg, and finally in panko bread crumbs.  Then  deep fried them. They were fantastic.  We then went out on the patio, waiting for the dessert to finish cooking and watched the critters in the corral.    For dessert, she made a fantastic apple crisp in an old-fashioned, cast iron Dutch Oven using embers from the fire pit for heat. WOW!  It was so good!  I wished we could have said sitting under the moon and stars listening to the coyotes, but it never gets dark here in the summer.

W032We have been out to see Scott and Lisa at their place 2 times, and both times, I was thrilled to be able to pet her 2 horses and 3 mules.  Those mules are smarter than I ever imagined.  For example, with Billy Bob (the large roan) she just has to say,”  Billy, come here.  I want to get on.” and he will come to wherever  she is sitting on the corral fence and sidle over to the fence so she get on.  Even saddled, Billy is so big that she has to have a mounting block to get on.  He is 17 hands ( 5’8″ at the withers) and weighs 1,350 pounds!  However, he THINKS he’s a lapdog and loves to be scratched and rubbed.  He especially loves having his ears rubbed. Notice in the picture that Billy has neither saddle not bridle.

033Lisa is almost 6′, so you can see how tall Billy Bob is.  HE just doesn’t know how big he is.

027Billy loves the horse “cookies” she gets from the vet, and he also loves granola bars.  In fact, you have to spell the word “cookie” or he’ll come trotting over to the fence in a hurry!  Here he is asking for “more please”.

028He saw some grass just under the fence that looked scrumptious, so of course he had to try to get it.  Can you see his lip? Tomorrow I’ll show you pictures of another mule, Blackjack; her dog Sioux, and possibly another picture of Billy.

038On the way home from Scott and Lisa’s we saw this bull moose grazing by the side of the road.  It looks as if he had been in a fight, shot, or something because there is a healing wound on his side.  Just before we got to their house for supper we saw a cow moose and her calf at a nearby pond, but there was too much road traffic to get a picture.

Full of tacos and signing off for now!!

W039Well, Jerry is one happy camper.  The crops are in and we are awaiting a bountiful harvest. Notice he already has one yellow bloom on his Tomato plant. He took 4 juice bottles that he painted and then filled with water.  Their dark color will help absorb sunlight during the extended daylight, helping to heat the water,  and then slowly release the heat from that water in the evening as the day cools.  We hope this will help to protect it from any frost and hasten its growth.

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  1. mary lea wallace said:

    What a blissful day with fabulous friends! thanks for taking us along. ;-}

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