June 21: Another day of fishing

040About a quarter mile from camp there is a boardwalk along the river similar to the one Jerry has used in town.  This also has stairs down to the water’s edge in several places.

042The city provided this convenient fish-cleaning station.

005After cooking the salmon, Jerry removed all the bones and flaked it so we can used it in a salad or make patties.

021While fishing today, Jerry saw a mother mallard and 7 little ducklings.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have the camera with him.  We’ll just put in this picture of a stuffed loon eating a hooligan for now.  It was at the Visitors Center.  I love the sound loons make:  something between a laugh and a cry.  I think the red eyes are striking, too.

007The Soldotna Public Library is temporarily housed in the mall.

008The inside of the library is small, but adequate.  They have computers and Wi-Fi as well as other amenities such as newspapers.  They have quite a good selection of recent fiction considering the space constraints.

003We still see coffee and espresso huts wherever we go.  Can you see the burls on the posts out front?

014The names of these little businesses are always  so cute.

015The bears on the back porch are a nice touch.

016This one says it all.  Many of us are ” hooked on the bean”.  How appropriate for a bunch of fisherman.

023Here are some pictures of another of Lisa’s mules.  This one is called Blackjack.

A025At over 17 hands and 1500 pounds, Blackjack is bigger than Billy Bob.  He’s also quite affectionate, but not quite as spoiled as BB. According to Lisa, their fur color fades some in the summer.  In winter, she says, they are completely black.

021Here’s another picture of Capt. Casey’s dog Jean,  just because…

007Can you stand one more picture of Mt. Redoubt?  Every time I see it I am in awe.

A little cooler here today – a high of 57 degrees!!!


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