June 22: Off to the Kasilof River

001Today I’m blogging on my own.  Jerry has gone fishing this afternoon with a friend at the Kasilof River which is about 12 miles from here.  We did get to take a nice walk this morning and discovered some giant moose tracks.  Several females (cows) and their calves live in the surrounding forest and are often seen crossing camp to get to a pond on the other side.

002Another track even looked big next to Jerry’s footprint. The holes are from the dew claws on the back of the rear hoof.

006We prepared halibut steaks for lunch using cream of mushroom soup and some dry Lipton onion soup.

008The mushroom soup made a delicious sauce on the cooked fish.

005Now, here are a few pictures of our drive to Nikiski and Stormy Lake.

I035t was a beautiful day for a drive.  Everything was so green!

034The lake didn’t look “stormy”, but I guess it might be at times.

006Another lake in town.  Of course, right now I can’t think of its name, but I’ll get back to you on that.

How about another mule picture to end the day?

Hopefully, tomorrow will be more newsworthy.  Jerry may have some gigantic fish to show from the Kasilof River.  Til then….031

1 comment
  1. Barb Hill said:

    It all looks so beautiful! Except for the one picture of the man cleaning fish with a mesquito net on, how have they been? Richard wants to be there so bad he can’t stand it. By the way…we put our house up for sale.

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