June 23: The Reel’s a smokin’ – Kenai Slap

001Fishing was great yesterday – hung two kings and landed one –  22lbs and the other threw the hook and jumped about three feet in the air in a loping arc.  He had started to color up and was magnificent in profile. Sure glad I bought a new rod and reel for the trip.

Today is R and R (rest and recovery from a hard fought week of fishing .  Lots of house keeping items to attend to today and get ready for our clam expedition Monday.    The first order was to go to Fred Meyer‘s for the basics.   Here’s Jerry filling our water tank at Fred Meyer.  He doesn’t appear to be too thrilled, but maybe the sun was in his eyes.

002Still not too thrilled. I am too thrilled…………  Just thinking of Rob’s Summer Solstice Party that I missed back home.

004Fred Meyer provides, in addition to the potable water, this trash bin and sewer dump for the tourists.  It comes in very handy and makes for a frequent stop.

005Gasoline at FM is $4.11 per gallon now.  With the rewards card, we get 10 cents off per gallon on a fill up of 35 gallons (maximum).  To get the 10 cents off, you have to accumulate 100 points (spend $100) which is really very easy to do.  We spent half that just this morning on about 8 items.

006Our campground is not far from the municipal airport. Although there is a large strip of tall trees between us and the airport, we still get to see these small planes take off and land. We see many planes with these tundra tires for landing in the bush – taking fisherman and hunters back into isolated spots.


Air Alaska has a small plane outfitted with similar tires for some of their backwoods trips.

009Jerry is continually making improvements to the campsite.  Home is where the fishing is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The tomato plant is located half way up the hillside just above and between the two lawn chairs. It likes its new home and seems happy – just blooming away, hope the moose doesn’t like fresh veggies.

008We set up the tent as our overflow area and outdoor pantry, and it is so nice to have all this stuff out of the camper!  We have room now to stock up on sale items that we would not ordinarily buy or have room for in the camper.

016We decided to make a chocolate fudge cake and bake it on the grill.  Some people call this a pudding cake  (Notice the Kerrville Pecans floating in the batter).


017After baking, the cake has the consistency of a brownie with chocolate sauce and pecans on the bottom.  YUMMY!



015Tomorrow we are going clamming with the couple who are camped next door.  This requires taking lots of stuff with us, including gloves, waders, buckets, a fishing license, lots of eats and of course, the repaired TEXAS TAYLOR CLAM GUN!

013.Since I hear that clamming is hard work, we are taking lots and lots of provisions.  The new fish cooler is really coming in handy and loaded to the gills (get it?)

014Just in case you missed it, this is the famous Texas Taylor Clam Gun complete with hickory handle.

012Finally, I think we have everything assembled for the trip (including Blue TeeShirts) to Deep Creek, which starts around 7 AM tomorrow.  We originally thought of going to Clam Gulch, but our neighbors had had good luck here earlier in the month.

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  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Awesome country, incredible eats, good company, AND daily adventure. What joy for the intrepid outdoorsman! ;-}
    Wonder if clam mud flats smell as bad in Alaska as they do in Maine?

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