June 25: Ninilchik Harbor

042Cleaning the clams. And then you know what comes next.  Clam Fritters, Clam Fritters, Clam Fritters……..UMMMM good.                                                                    047  Only one patty left from lunch !  Wouldn’t have had that left, but we had chocolate cake for dessert.                                        029This lighthouse overlooks Deep Creek beach and harbor.034After leaving Deep Creek, we took a detour down through the Native village to the Ninilchik River.  At the end of the road is a small harbor and a fish-processing plant, Copper River Seafoods.035While we were there, this boat came in to off load its haul of salmon.037This crane hoists the bag of fish out of the boat and swings it over to the dock where it will be dumped into a large bin of ice.038Fish going onto the scales to check their weight.040This is one of the nicer fish in this load.043Terrie was busy collecting other things from the tide pools while Jerry and Bob dug for clams. Notice one of the cleaned Razor Clam shell.030This is the gorgeous view from the campground at Deep Creek where we ate lunch and cleaned the clams before heading back to Soldotna.

1 comment
  1. mary lea wallace said:

    We enjoyed your travelogue. Bet you enjoyed those crispy clams even more! (and the chocolate cake!)
    Nice wildlife pix, too. Thanks. ;-}

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