June 26: Household Chores – Ho Hum !

003Laundry day!!  Oh, boy!! Oh,boy!!  Oh,boy!!004Like most businesses in Soldotna, this one is really showing off for summer.  Flowers are everywhere! This business was next door to the laundry.006Walmart next on the list – to buy new hip boots – the others seemed to have developed a leak since we used them for clamming.  Since we were there we picked up a few extra supplies for the pantry.010Another new (and hopefully waterproof) waders for Jerry  – water is ice cold in the river from the snow melt………007We also found this  marionberry pie.  I have never heard of marionberries, but they tasted a lot like blackberries.  Anybody out there familiar with marionberries?009A quick swing by the PO to pick up our mail.  It’s very handy to be able to pick it up whenever we want.019A stop by Amerigas for propane got the grill up and going again – no camp can be complete without a Barbie!011Finally, we stopped at Radio Shack to get this HD antenna.  We decided not to change our Dish Network address – this way we pickup the local channels out of anchorage and get the weather ( a must for fishing).002As we returned to camp from the day’s rounds we spotted this moose that had come for a visit in our absence.  017 Hello Mr. Moon  – According to the weatherman in Anchorage, we are now experiencing over 19 hours of daylight.  This is what “night” looked like at 3 AM. Oddly, I sort of miss the dark.  Never thought I would.  This ended another day here in the Alaska wilds. The high temp for today was 74 and everybody is complaining of the heat –  what a bunch of pansies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nancy Ebright said:

    Hi Jerry & Terrie,
    Yes, I remember finding marionberries, but they are not easy to find. I wouldn’t use them all up in a pie, I would make jelly out of them because it lasted longer! They are found in “bog-like” areas and not easy to find or pick. By the way, there were no Wal-Marts anywhere in the State of Alaska when I lived there! So, it’s good you all waited until Alaska became “modern” before your trip. Have fun—am really enjoying your blogs.

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