June 27: Rest and Relaxation and BUFFALO BURGERS


It’s cloudy today and we have not used the generator, so we began the day charging the computer and other electronic devices.  The generator seems to work really well and hopefully if we need it in the future it,  will continue to work this well.022

If you listen real carefully you may be able to hear the tomato plant growing   In addition, I have started another batch of Mung Bean sprouts.025

Since we installed the HD antenna last night the picture has been great of the local stations.  We just barely got in on the start of BIG BROTHER last night Season 15 – whew! sure would hate to miss one of our favorite shows.020

What happened to the pie??? Could it be the Alaska environs??  This must have happened last night………..


BUFFALO BURGERS  –  this hamburger was on special at Freddy Meyer – just had to try it.  Very tasty – will try more in the future.


Where could the rest of that pie have gone??


Busy afternoon ahead:  Scrabble tournament. We bought this particular game in 1992!  We know that because we keep track of scores of 315 or greater, the date and the place played.024

Finally, we’ll catch up on our reading.  I’m almost finished with a new “whodunit”: The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (a pseudonym).  It’s his first novel and a very good one.  Jerry’s reading an “oldie, but a goodie” – Secret Prey by John Sanford.

1 comment
  1. mary lea wallace said:

    You two are looking great. Must be all that healthy buffalo-burger and delicious pie? ;-}

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