June 28: A Day in the Centennial Park


This guy gave Jerry the idea of going fishing this morning.  However we have lots of items on the agenda for today – tomorrow I will hit the fishing circuit.

.004This cutie was in front of the office of a lodge downtown. In one hand is a candle and the other is a King Salmon with its mouth open.001

Would you believe these are Jerry’s new wheels?  Not a chance!  No room for fishing gear, waders, or ice chests!  We stopped and I talked to the owner and I asked if I could take a pic of him and the car – he said,” No, but I will take a pic of you and the car.”005

We headed for Centennial Park, a city park located on the Kenai River at the edge of Soldotna.  The river runs along 2 sides of the park, which has camping and also day-use facilities.006

As I have mentioned before, Alaska is a very patriotic place.  The city has installed a ramp and fishing pier solely for the use by the handicapped.  007

Next to the boat ramp,  there is a lagoon where fishing is prohibited.  This gull seems intent on enforcing that rule.011

This is a view of an island in the middle of the Kenai River.  The island is out from the day-use area at the back of the park which affords easy access to wading the river (Combat Fishing).


We liked the park so much that we bought a $ 63 season pass (day-use only) so we can come back anytime and fish.  I will probably have to try out the pass and the fishing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can’t afford to not make use of this pass and let that money go  to waste………… not sure where we will find room to put the fish (eat more fish, I guess).


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