June 29: Long Arm of the Law


We’re back in Centennial Park today. This city park is not but about 1 mile from our campsite here on Funny River Road.016This pass will pay for itself in a short amount of time.  What an excuse to go fishing but that’s why I am here!!!001

The pass also entitles us to go to 2 other pay for use parks:  Rotary Park and Swiftwater Park (which we have not gone to yet).002These parks are all beautifully tended with flower beds and manicured grass. Now if they would only stake your fish out in the river.014

Jerry was at it bright and early this morning. The Kenai River is really beautiful -NO ONE AROUND FOR MILES!!013

Jerry and his new BFF, the Alaska State game warden!  AND I THOUGHT THERE WAS NO ONE AROUND FOR MILES AND MILES AND MILES!!  Sure am glad that I bought my license before coming here and abide by all the  game laws (hurry, eat the evidence).003Fresh Cod on the Barbie – this was one of several that I caught on the Halibut charter the other day  (Before Pic – rolled in Italian Bread Crumbs).004


It’s time to eat!  (After Pic on the Barbie )   HO! HO! Its off to the table we go …………………………..  Pass the soy sauce, please.


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