June 30: Quiet Day in Camp

024Food to blog by!  It has been a quiet day here in camp.  We spent part of the morning going back over the blog and sprucing it up a little.  We changed the format a little and corrected some typos.  That crazy English teacher wants to use correct punctuation, but I don’t know if we’ll go that far.  Anyway, if you would like to see any of the revisions, just click on “jerrydon” or the colored square when you get the next update. We have gone back as far as June 11 so far.020

The man who owns the campground has a runway for his airplane.  Its located along the inside edge of the camp next to his house where he has a hangar. He seldom flies anymore but we hear that his brother will land here occasionally.  We have yet to witness any landings but time will tell.  019

You can see all the large motorhomes that are permitted to park along the south side of the runway.  A bit close for our nerves!!!!!!!010

These are two rental cabins across from us on the North side of the runway next to the owners home. There is a small pond in back where the moose likes to take a dip……….014There are lots of wild flowers here in camp. The wild roses are beginning to bloom.   The bushes are small to mid-size.  I wonder if they would grow in Kerrville.  Hmmm. Probably not.016I have no idea what these little beauties are.  Their color is so vibrant!  I assume they are a wildflower because they were growing near the wild roses. Does anyone have any idea?  I will try to find out.017

These are oxeye daisies with a few wild roses growing among them.  I have seen lots of these in Colorado and northern New Mexico as well.  I brought seeds from Colorado last year and planted them in one of my beds back home.  They were blooming when we left on April 29.021

The pink/purple flowers are fireweed.  They have just started blooming, and everyone says they will be magnificent in a couple of weeks.  I have seen fireweed in Colorado and New Mexico.  It looks as if it would do well in the limestone soil around Kerrville since it is basically growing up through rocks.  023

The yellow flowers seen here and above with the fireweed are extremely common.  Once again, I do not know what they are.  I have at least a half dozen wildflower books at home, but that doesn’t help me here, does it?  I need to go online and start looking these up.  If  anyone knows what they are, please enlighten me.022

The campground is 10 open acres next to the runway.  In an earlier picture you could see the large motorhomes.  This shows an area where we and some of the other smaller trailers are parked.   Old timers here say that this place will be packed by mid July when the second run of sockeye salmon happens.009

This neat camper, a Chalet,  belongs to a couple from Texas.  It has THREE slide-outs: one on each side and one in the back!  The interior seems huge when all the slides are out.  It has a couch in addition to the dinette and a free-standing shower separate from the toilet.  It has lots of storage and a queen size bed.  It was expensive, though, and is carried by a one-ton truck, also expensive.  For much less than the cost of this rig we’d be able to buy a nice  trailer.  We’ve been thinking of doing that in the near future.003

For lunch, Jerry pan grilled some halibut steaks with Mediterranean seasoning.  So good.007

This is a healthy and delicious lunch!  In addition to the halibut, we had a salad and some black beans.  I don’t usually like to serve beans from a can, but there’s no room in here for our Crockpot!004

Jerry has trained this sea gull to protect his tomato plant from the rabbits.  The “Guard Gull” is taking his responsibility very seriously. He works for bread and water. We  may have to recruit a second or third gull guard if the moose takes a liking to fresh veggies (tomatoes in particular).


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