July 1: Rainy day – a visit to the Info Center, Library, Fed Ex, Fred Meyer


This is very appropriate for a rainy day like today!  One local fellow told me that it was so dry that the coons are carrying water to the corn, another guy told me they have started using pop bottle caps for rain gauges, and another said that the trees are looking for dogs, and lastly the coyotes are carrying  canteens.  Doesn’t that say it all?  Can anyone top that???????004

Like every other business in town, the Visitor Info Center is all decked out with gorgeous flowers..  We stopped today to find out about fireworks here in town – info lady said that they save them for Xmas when they can see them.  Vendors in the park as usual but Kenai will have a parade on the 4th – we will probably go over there to see the festivities.006

This wolverine in the Visitor Center has some serious claws.  I’d say he is about 3′ long.  The wolverine is the largest land-dwelling species of the weasel family.  It is known for being ferocious and for being able to kill animals much larger than itself.  Another name for it is “skunk bear”.  The Latin name for the wolverine is gulo gulo, which means “glutton”.011

These stairs behind the Visitor Info Center lead down to the Kenai River. This fish walk help fisherman get to the waters edge and lets them  in the rivers edge so they can wade fish.  Try to climb up these stairs carrying 3 salmon about 12 lbs a piece after a days fishing.

012Who is that woman who always has her nose in a book?  She must be looking up more good recipes for salmon.014

This is the local shipping (including FedEx) store. 019

What’s for lunch?  2 slabs of fresh salmon (notice its still squirming)  Just a quick seer in the ole’ non stick skillet lightly browned, if you please.020

Salmon, peas, and sautéed Mung bean sprouts: What a life ———- doesn’t get much healthier than that!001

These guys are in front of the (what else?) Caribou Café.008

This caribou , a cousin of  the ones in the pic above can be found hanging out (get it?) at the Visitor Info Center.

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  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Beautiful country, delicious food, handsome wildlife: Summer of bliss. Thanks for sharing. ;-}

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