July 3: Another day at the office


It’s 7:00 AM and here’s a local family getting ready for their morning commute.002

Mom’s going to drop the kids at school and then head downstream to her office where she dabbles (get it?) in water-front real estate.005

Hello, Dolly!!!  (This is a Dolly Varden)  Not a monster but anything over 18 inch (this one 17 1/2 inches) and you must return it to the river.004

The first fish of the day is a Dolly Varden.  I’m embarrassed to tell you how many years I thought they were saying, “Dolly Parton”, and I could not figure     out why they named a fish after a country singer.  However, the origin of the name is not 100% clear.  Dolly Varden is the name of a character in a book by Charles Dickens.  Also, in the 1870s, a dolly varden was a type of fashionable dress.  It consisted of a sheer muslin shift over a brightly colored petticoat.  Maybe the pretty pinkish spots on the fish inspired the name.006This is fish #2, a red (sockeye) salmon.  Fish #3 looked amazingly like fish #2.


After a hard day’s fishing, a man deserves a reward.011

Where else?  012

Jerry (stunned look) just realized that he spent $10 on 2 small Blizzards!  At home he could have bought a gallon of Bluebell for $10!

  1. Pat said:

    I bet my brother had a bad case of heartburn after eating his $5 blizzard. Guess he won’t become a daily customer at DQ!

  2. Pat said:

    You are correct on the naming of the Dolly Varden fish. A group of fishermen on the Sacramento River in the 1870’s were looking at their catch of what they were calling “calico trout” and saying a better name was needed. A 15 year old girl suggested the name “Dolly Varden” because the fish reminded her of her new fashionable dress of sheer muslin over a brightly covered petticoat. However, I personally like the name Dolly Parton for the fish. Does the fish sing????

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