July 6: Whirligigs and Fresh Fish


This was the first fish of July 5th.  It met its fate about 7:30 AM.011

Jerry has a little more company at this spot on the Kenai, but not as much as he will have in a couple of weeks, or so I am told.014

Fish #2 came along about  10:00 AM.012

A few more people started coming out to fish right after lunch ………016

which is about the time that fish #3 stopped by.021

No more fishing today;  three’s the limit here.  Jerry made friends with some folks who own some cabins near our campground.  They worked out an arrangement whereby, for a percentage of the fish, Jerry can use his big chest freezer and fish cleaning station!  Works out great for everybody!  According to locals, the limit has now been opened from 3 to 6 at the Russian River.   A guy who had caught his fish there told us that he had a bear on each side of him so stopped by here to clean them.  He said another fellow had put his fish on the cleaning table, gone to his truck to get his fillet knife, and when he returned, a bear was making off with his catch.  So, our guy decided to clean his fish elsewhere!

Spoiler Alert:  This is NOT a fish.  After I took this little guy’s picture, he ran over and crawled all the way up my leg.  His name is Jerome and was bottle raised here on the property.  He turned out to be a she and has several batches of little ones. She crawls up the pants leg looking for peanuts as we later found out. – not interested in eating cameras.014

These are the cabins whose owners have made the freezer-sharing deal with Jerry.018

More Alaskan whimsy:  I guess this guy is “Pegamoose”???  I know, I know.  That’s terrible.020I have actually seen flying fish following along beside cruise ships, but none were ever this colorful!070

I believe that from this sign you can tell the main industry in this little town.  I wonder what the going rate is for hook removal??


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