July 7: Alaska State Trooper – Gives Up

024Hard day at the office. This is a most unusual fishing technique.  I thought you actually had to have your line IN the water.  But the waders are a nice fashion statement.004

This Alaskan State Trooper is checking fishing license.  After finding that I was a legal law abiding fisherman we started talking and he turned out to be a quite interesting fellow.  He was an avid hunter and fisherman and travels to Texas occasionally to visit his sister at Galveston005This trooper is giving Jerry a present—his own canned salmon. He said he carries these cans and ritz crackers along with him in his truck for his lunch.  Never thought I would eat a trooper’s lunch. 001

This is some smoked salmon that another of Jerry’s buddies brought him. Al and Jeca Weiner of Ninilchik came to fish nearly everyday.  Al worked for Conoco Phillips up on the North Slope and also was an avid sportsman.002

This is some of Al’s dried moose jerky and it’s really, really good!  (Shhh!  Don’t tell Jerry I got into his snacks!) Don’t have to tell Jerry – the open package speaks for itself……………..014

After Jerry finished fishing, we decided to check out Swiftwater Park.  His season pass entitles him to fish here, too.  The sign below says that there is no over night camping from Oct. – May1. We had initially thought about staying here since it is adjacent to the river – very much like where we are camped but it seems the 2nd run of reds seems to prefer the other side fo the river where we are now staying.015

This sign shows the various fees.  For example, it costs $7 per day for day use unless you get a season pass for $63.

016They really stress the importance of fire prevention here.017

This park, which is just about directly across the river from where we are, also has several sets of stairs down to a boardwalk for fishing similar to these where we fish.019

Looking across the Kenai River from Swiftwater Park.022

These are a couple of the campsites at Swiftwater.  We considered staying here, but the mosquitos are ferocious.  Where we are is not as pretty because there is not much vegetation around us, but that’s also why we don’t have as many mosquitos.

1 comment
  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Anyone with Jerry’s charm can eat well without fishing too hard. Enjoyed your whimseys and ongoing fish saga. 😉

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