July 8: Arts and Crafts and And A Little Squirrelly

004Jerry has become very crafty lately, and I don’t just mean his fish-catching ability.  These are the raw materials for making a whirligig that is seen on almost every trailer and RV.  They start out as empty soda and/or beer cans.002

After cutting them into the star shape in the first picture, he molds two cans together into a balloon shape.005

Here he is with the finished product.003

You may recognize this structure.  It used to hold the coke-can hummingbird feeders.  However, we have seen bears near the camp and we thought it best to remove the sweet nectar as an attractant and Jerry has converted it into a hanger for his whirligigs.  As of this picture, he had made four, but has since made more.  Will send an updated picture soon.  They really sparkle when they spin!014

A couple of days ago we went to visit with Jim, owner of Moose Munch Cabins, to put some fish into his freezer.004

This is Jim’s new state-of-the-art fish cleaning sink that he allows Jerry to use.  It is very handy.006

There are four lovely wooden cabins situated around this pond.  When Jim bought the place, the pond was deep and stocked with fish for those that rented the cabins.  However, he started to worry that a child might fall in, so he filled in the pond and now it is only about 1 foot deep.  A local moose that has been coming for the past 11 yrs. that they have named Mabel and her calf have begun using the pond as their own personal wading pool.  I’d love to see that!  Any flower containers you may see in these pictures contain artificial  flowers.  Again… Mabel likes to visit.007

This is a closer view of the carved angel on the edge of the pond.  Do you see the rose petals at the edge of the water?009

This chapel is set among the cabins and is built of the same materials.  A wedding took place here Saturday morning, which is why there are rose petals in the pond.  002

In addition to a Visiting Moose, they have a Resident Squirrel named Jerome.  Jerome is actually a female.  Somebody got confused I guess.  Anyway, Jerome thinks that every human has a peanut for him and climbs right up to get it.  If you haven’t got one, he doesn’t hang around, though.003

Here is Jerome accepting a peanut from Jerry.  012

And here is Jerome requesting ANOTHER peanut from Jerry.  010

Finally,  here is Jerome’s residence.  It’s pretty fancy for a rodent, huh?  But I’m sure he earns his keep.  The first time he ran up my leg I didn’t know if he was friendly or not.  It kind of scared me at first because he ran up so fast without any hesitation.  So you might say he’s a Guard Squirrel.

Jerry and Bob just headed for the old fishing hole to try and catch supper.  There  is a thundercloud building in the west so they maybe back sooner than latter.  All the locals say that the 2nd fish run will start in the very near future ( a little over a week by majority census).

  1. Pat said:

    Who knew Jerry was an artisan??? He may have to set up a booth in Kerrville and sell his whirligigs! I think he can corner the market!

  2. mary lea wallace said:

    Enjoyed visiting Jim’s Moose Munch. What a neat memory! Looking forward to seeing your whirligigs, too. ;-}

  3. Marilyn said:

    What a fancy house for Jerome, snazzy!! Love the chapel and the angle carving is beautiful.

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