July 9: Cool, man, Cool


It was another cool start to the day as we headed into town to do some errands. Tomorrow we should get up to 63!!002

Oops!  We ran out of propane!  No propane-no lunch.  That’s not good.  So after hitting Fred Meyer, we stopped to buy some more.001

I just couldn’t resist another picture of a gorgeous flower bed.002

We really wanted some of these, but we still have to keep enough money to get back home!  Judging from other prices, that might not happen if we bought some.  We will work up enough courage to go check prices on the shrimp and King Crab here in a few days.069

We did spring for some frozen, breaded okra to fry for lunch.  It was good, but  not the same as what we are used to at home.  At this time of year, Jerry would be bringing it in by the basketful, cutting it into zip lock bags of corn meal, and freezing it.   018

This afternoon Jerry went fishing with our neighbor Bob.  They went down to the section of the river that’s not far from camp, the one we showed from the other side a couple of days ago.  I couldn’t get a good view of Jerry and Bob, so I photographed these guys who don’t look too happy about it.  Maybe they thought I was a game warden.  Jerry caught his limit in about an hour.020

There is an absolute riot of growth everywhere!  We see these flowers all over.  I photographed this bunch down by the river when Jerry and Bob were fishing.  I think they are members of the gentian family.  They strongly resemble some gentians that I see in Colorado every year, only these are bigger.

1 comment
  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Thanks for sharing the cool. We need that refreshing thought. Are those gentians the AK state flower? ;-}

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